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Picky Picky

08 Jun 2017 / in Blogs

“Can I come into your warehouse and choose the furnishings that will go into my house for staging?” NO, the answer is always NO! Reminder that you are paying us to create a cohesive design plan that will appeal to the widest range of buyers in your market. We will make the best selections possible […]

A Hole in the Wall

09 May 2017 / in Blogs

“Will you be using nails to hang artwork in my home?” This is a question we get weekly from potential clients here in the St. Louis Home Staging market. We understand why this is an area of concern for some sellers, as some “fickle” buyers, have been known to kill whole real estate transactions due […]

I Like What I Like!

05 Apr 2017 / in Blogs

“I don’t really like the color of that sofa!” So, you don’t like the color cream?  Yes, believe it or not, I have had someone complain about a sofa being cream instead of FLORAL like the one she had in the house. It’s important to remember to keep your large furniture neutral (cream, white, tan […]