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5 Expert Staging Tips for an Airbnb or Rental Property

06 Dec 2017 / in Blogs

Airbnb is one of the fastest growing rental opportunities in the world, and with over 150 million people using this service as of 2017, it has also become a unique, and ever-increasing income opportunity! It’s no secret that staged homes sell faster, and for higher profit, but did you realize the same is true for […]

The Question: “Can I Be There When You Stage?”

29 Nov 2017 / in Blogs

The Answer: “No, but we PROMISE there are GREAT Reasons for WHY!” The simplest comparison of INhance IT! home staging, is to a total transformation, just like a surgeon performing a complete cosmetic procedure from head to toe. What would happen if a surgeon allowed a patient to be awake during the surgery? We all […]

“Do You Stage Occupied Homes?”

15 Nov 2017 / in Blogs

Great news, INhance IT! does stage occupied homes, in fact, it is one of our specialties! We refer to this service as a “restyle”, and we have the most talented team members who specialize in this form of home staging! The transformations created by our restyles, are stunning and they sell! INhance IT! Professional Restyling […]

How I Lived

08 Nov 2017 / in Blogs

“That’s not how I had the room set up when I lived here!” Well, you had it set up the WRONG way! Just kidding – I would never say that to a client, but I think it all the time! THE WAY YOU LIVE IN YOUR HOME AND THE WAY YOU SELL YOUR HOUSE ARE […]

INhance It! With The 2018 “Paint Color of The Year” Winners!

01 Nov 2017 / in Blogs

We Say, Never Let Color Scare You & Always Stay Ahead of The Trends Paint is most commonly called “The cheapest upgrade” when it comes to home improvement. This can be true in many cases if you’re using the right colors! The forecast for 2018 looks bold yet clean and classic, what’s most surprising is […]

Optical Illusions You Can Use to “Contour” Your Space

18 Oct 2017 / in Blogs

We’re going to let you in on a few little staging secrets that can make a HUGE difference! If You follow the INhance IT! Facebook page, you get to see before and after photos of our current clients’ homes. A comment we hear repeatedly is: “That doesn’t even look like the same space! It looks […]

An Open Letter about MY letters

10 Oct 2017 / in Blogs

Dear Professional Home Stagers, Amateur Home Stagers, and Potential Home Stagers, I recently read an uneducated and exaggerated statistic written by an industry “professional”, that had me floored in disbelief that anyone would degrade their own industry in such a reckless manner. The article claimed that 99% of the time a person won’t hire you […]

Free Training Led by Liz

Home Staging Decorating
26 Sep 2017 / in Around Town

“That’s Not How I had the Room Set Up When I Lived Here!”

20 Sep 2017 / in Blogs

As home stagers we’ve heard it all, but the truth is: WE DON’T WANT YOU TO LIVE “HERE” ANYMORE!! Our goal is the same as every seller and agent, we want to get you the most money for your home, while selling it fast. BEFORE…   AFTER! The Way You Live in Your Home, and The […]

INhance IT! Insider Tips: 5 Key Elements to Designing a Perfect Tray!

06 Sep 2017 / in Blogs

INhance IT! Has Trays for Days… If You Follow Inhance IT! on Facebook, You’ve seen the impact a beautiful tray can have on an otherwise blank space. Tables, counters, and even dressers and bathrooms are instantly brought to life using decorative trays! Today, we’re spilling tips and tricks to help you create this popular INhance […]